Singer, songwriter "Sunny" was born Kelly Alaina Nall.  Raised in Edmonton, she has been a regular in the city's music scene since the age of 12.  She began her career performing in farmers markets, trade fairs, malls, bookstores, competitions and festivals and by her early teens was a member of two pop groups and a vocal duet.  

Jr. high and high schools were a busy time filled with gigging and musical theater which prepared her for her eventual enrollment in the Vocal Performance program at Edmonton's Grant MacEwan University.  She successfully auditioned for one of 4 vocalist positions in the program's Showcase Band (for both years) and her final jury performance earned her a much coveted A+ and accolades from her adjudicators.  Shortly after graduation, she and two of her showcase band co-members formed a vocal pop trio, Bella Rouge, which has entertained to corporate and private general audiences  in western Canada and in the US.

Her versatility has provided Sunny with experience and income from a wide range of endeavors, which include lead singer for an electronic/metal band (Axe & Smash),her own solo act (Kelly Alaina) and dueling pianos ( Edmonton's Red Piano, Overtime, The Bourbon Room, Red Deer's International Beerhaus). Kelly has recently become the musical director and talent buyer for the International Beer Haus' dueling piano show (

It was a dueling pianos performance with Vancouver’s Mick Dallavee (Bachman & Turner, Revolver, Atlantic Crossing, Elton & Billy, Cease and Desist) in Red Deer that inadvertently created a chain of events that connected Sunny with Barry Samuels, a music industry veteran from the ‘70s and ‘80s.  Samuels had been out of the music business for 28 years and wanted to take another stab at doing whatever it took to fulfill a dream, which was to create another smash hit, and hopefully many more, after all those years!

Formerly, Samuels launched the career of Heart after seeing them in a basement audition. Heart rapidly became immensely popular and one of his agency’s biggest attractions.  He also managed Sweeney Todd, who hit #1 in Canada with Roxy Roller in 1976, and whose lead singer, Nick Gilder, and guitarist/ song-writing partner Jim McCulloch were signed to Chrysalis Records worldwide, which bred Hot Child In The City, a double-platinum #1 in US as well as in Canada in 1978. It rose to 'Top Ten' status as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  Gilder and McCulloch wrote songs recorded by Bette Midler, Pat Benatar, Toni Basil, Joe Cocker and others. Gilder also co-wrote The Warrior with Holly Knight, which was a 'Top Ten' smash by Scandal. 

Samuels believed strongly that there were a number of songs in their catalog that had significant hit potential, but were never released as singles. He had a particular fondness for a song from Gilder’s third album, “Frequency” called “Hold On Me Tonight”. It was a matter of finding the right producer who could take those songs, written decades ago, and give them a modern day feel that would do the song justice. With Gilder’s approval, some lyrics were modified, and the title changed to “Hold Me Close Tonight”.  

Samuels knew that finding the right producer was tantamount. He sought a producer who was clearly in touch with today’s CHR market. He shopped around, and approached Ovi Bistriceanu.  His list of accomplishments read like the calling card of a young empire-builder.  With hits like Mia Martina's 'Burning', Massari's 'Brand New Day' and 'Shisha', it's no wonder he has dominated the airwaves.  

It was to everyone's delight that Ovi and Sunny had amazing studio chemistry.  Ovi came up with a remarkably fresh take on 'Hold Me Close' and connected Sunny with Baby C (a femcee residing in Vancouver), who wrote and rapped a verse on the track.

As a result of the teams hard work, tenacity and a killer recording, Sunny was a successful winner of Hot107 Edmonton's HOT FACTOR competition. 'Hold Me Close Tonight' was released to Canadian radio on June 17th and is now available on iTunes.

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