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DFA- Design Process

Updated: Jan 17, 2020


GOAL: Define targeted problem spaces you will tackle to focus future research. OUTPUTS:

- 4-5 broad How Can We’s that define problem spaces to research.

- Initial knowledge and assumptions compiled.

- A list of possible mentors and partners.


GOAL: Empathize with stakeholders and uncover insights to deeply understand your problem spaces. OUTPUTS:

- Empathetic stories of stakeholders.

- 4-5 key insights.

- 4-5 visual representations of key insights.


GOAL: Define the change you want to make in the world and what your solutions needs to accomplish to get there. OUTPUTS:

- 3-4 Design Goals defining desired solution qualities.

- 3-4 Measures of Success defining successful impact.

- 4-5 Narrowed How Can We’s.


GOAL: Generate a variety of ways that make change and explore many alternative solutions.


- List of 50+ different ideas.

- 2-4 well-considered concepts.


GOAL: Make a variety of tangible prototypes to communicate and test your ideas.


- At least 2 built prototypes of every concept you’re moving forward with for user testing and feedback.

- A list of important questions to learn about each concept.


GOAL: Get feedback to uncover insights and develop next steps to improve a solution.


- 4-5 user/expert quotes about your solution.

- 2-3 insights to inform next steps.

Written by: Design for America

Organized by: Alex Morrow

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